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Enjoi Ultimate Warrior WWE Skateboard Grip Tape

Enjoi Ultimate Warrior WWE Skateboard Grip Tape

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Enjoi Ultimate Warrior WWE Skateboard Grip Tape

Enjoi Skateboards is run by long-time rider Louie Barletta. Putting the fun into skateboarding has been Louie's job since day one. Countless videos and ads have made fun of the team, of skateboarding and of the crazy drunk party situations that skateboarders seem attracted to.

Enjoi decks also bring a funny element to their graphics, never afraid of embarrassing a team rider with a photo of them in an unfortunate situation. Enjoi's signature orange Helvetica font logo sits alongside the Panda to make this unique brand. The Panda features heavily across all Enjoi clothing. With Enjoi hoodies and Enjoi t-shirts being the most popular amongst skateboarders. Enjoi completes are also big sellers, acting as a great entry level first skateboard for learning purposes.

The Enjoi team has always included some heavy team riders. Alongside Louie Barletta in the long-time ranks is Caswell Berry, Nestor Judkins and Ben Raemers. Zack Wallin and Samarria Brevard line up against Australian Jackson Pilz, Portuguese Thaynan Costa and Norwegian Didrik Galasso.

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